The truffle oaks and almond trees

Château de Birazel does not limit its ambitions to wine. Bees will soon be producing honey in the hives, and most recently truffle oaks and almond trees have been added to enrich our vision of the estate.

Winter at the Château

It is during the winter months that the layout of the domain is most evident. The vineyard, the ecological hedges, and the recently planted oak trees are easily identified.

Interview – Jean-Philippe Fort – 2/2

In the second part of the interview Jean-Philippe Fort (oenologist and terroir specialist of over 30 years) describes the distinct characteristics of our wines ROMANE and PAULUS.

Interview – Jean-Philippe Fort – 1/2

Jean-Philippe Fort from Cabinet Rolland discusses his arrival at Château de Birazel, the strategy put in place under his guidance, and its implementation by the owner of the premises and his team.

Autumn at the Château

Autumn colors invade the domain. The landscape surrounding the castle is tinted in hues of yellow, orange, and red.

Harvest 2021

In recent weeks we have successfully harvested our merlot, carmenere and cabernet sauvignon grapes . After months of vigilance and care we are finally ready to start transforming our grapes into the red wines of the 2021 vintage.

Meeting the team

Pierre and Bernard, Jérémy, Alberto, and Guillaume: the entire team kindly took some time to present themselves in front of the camera. We are delighted to share with you the stories and people behind Château de Birazel

Château de Birazel’s tower

This tower with dovecote appearance is the oldest part of the castle. Built during the 12th century, it was employed to monitor surroundings in order to prevent potential threats or external attacks.

Bottling of PAULUS (2020 vintage)

Thousands of bottles with an imperial silhouette collected our red wine, PAULUS (2020 vintage). Bottling by Thierry Bergeon Embouteillage (TBE) on 28/07/2021.

A virtual visit of the cellar

Enjoy a virtual but exclusive and musical visit to our cellar, which houses the ultimate in wine-making facilities : the ancestral clay of the amphorae stands alongside the concrete and geaming metals of the tuns, vats and barrels.

Bottling of ROMANE (2020 vintage)

This week a mysterious mechanical spectacle was witnessed at the Chateau as the festive sounds of clinking and clattering bottles accompany the team during the bottling of the Chateau’s first white wine: ROMANE.

Soil tilling at Château de Birazel

In this video we can observe Alberto, the Château’s designated tractor driver, mechanically working the soil in between the rows of vines to the South of the castle.